One of the most difficult and emotional events that a family and their veterinarian share is the inevitable moment when the family must let go of their pet due to injury or illness.

“This book belongs in every veterinary practice, library and school system in the country. A child’s love for a pet lasts a lifetime. This book is instrumental in helping navigate a very difficult period in a child’s life.” – Sue Curtis, Executive Director – Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association

When You Have to Say Goodbye

A child’s bond with a beloved animal is a powerful one. The loss of a pet due to illness or trauma can be a troubling time in a child’s life.

When You Have to Say Goodbye – Loving and Letting Go of Your Pet is a fully-illustrated children’s book that gently describes the why’s surrounding end-of-life issues with animals. The book details ways for children to move through this experience in a positive fashion. While written with young family members in mind, this book is certain to touch the heart of adults as well.

Written by Dr. Monica Mansfield, D.V.M., and illustrated by Lennie Peterson, this book was written to help families, and especially children, understand and deal with the loss of a beloved pet.

Available in both SOFTCOVER and HARDCOVER editions.

Friends, Family and Loved Ones

Veterinarians & Pet Care Professionals

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What People are Saying

“Thanks to Monica Mansfield and Lennie Peterson, When You Have to Say Goodbye is a delightful, well written and well illustrated book that fulfills a need and should be in every veterinarian’s waiting room.” – Alexander de Lahunta DVM, PhD, Emeritus Professor

“This is a terrific children’s book and resource for both parents and kids, to help them navigate through the difficult, yet normal feelings regarding pet loss! Definitely a worthwhile read!” – Dr. Robi Ludwig, Psychotherapist and National TV commentator

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